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A widely acknowledged and feature rich self-hosted Email Marketing Application for High Volume Email Delivery
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Featured Integration
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Self-Hosted, Flexible, Quick And Efficient

Mumara Self-Hosted is the best suitable application for those who are looking for ultimate freedom to send emails. No matter how big the volume of your sending is Mumara is well capable of handling it. From the most essential features required for creating and sending emails, to the most advanced ones for sustainable reputation and deliverability, Mumara Classic brings all in one pack. Get it installed on your web server, easily configure it with your MTA/SMTP, and start sending sizeable amount of emails speedily right in the target inbox
Complete Features ➜

Multi-MTA & SMTP/ IP Rotation

Setup email environment with multiple SMTPs/MTAs and define custom mail settings for every single SMTP you configure your system with. Schedule your campaign by selecting multiple SMTPs from the available ones, and rotate IPs to keep the load distributed.

Sending Beyond Limits

Eliminate the fear of running out of email credits on your next BIG campaign. If you are looking for a cost effective solution to send millions of emails with utmost freedom, it’s the right time to switch to Mumara Classic and kick start from your first Big Campaign.

Accelerate with Multithreading

Don’t get stuck for the BIG campaigns you have scheduled, achieve the maximum throughput by creating workaround using Multithreading feature. Mumara Classic is capable of performing parallel sending activity while executing campaigns of large sizes.

Mask Main Domain

The ISPs so recklessly working to curb the spam that sometimes you get penalized even for the most legitimate stuff you send. Masking offers transparent way out for those who are looking to use multiple sending domains with an extra benefit of avoiding the risk of getting listed at early stage.

High Volume Delivery with PowerMTA™

Feeling it too complex to setup PowerMTA SMTP server? Let Mumara do it for you. Our seamlessly integrated feature will help you configure your SMTP server, it empowers you to best utilize its VMTA characteristics and well-tune all configuration levels.

Accurate Processing of Bounces

Take it the regular IMAP/POP way to process from Bounce-To email account, or bypass the conventional way of processing the bounce, and opt for more efficient and quicker way of categorization and processing of the bounces through PMTA logs.
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